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Our affordable and timely psychological support offer service users the best chance of getting back to a positive frame of mind sooner and with lasting results

Founder: Sarah Kasule is psychological therapist. She founded UCTS in 2014 with a goal of encouraging people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups (BAME) to address mental health issues and overcome stigma. Since then UCTS has expanded with the help of other directors, counselors, psychotherapists and volunteers.


UCTS provides community based mental health services to a wide range of clients. Our affordable and timely mental health services mean that people have the best chance of getting back a positive frame of mind sooner and with lasting results. We impact the lives of individuals and their families, their communities, and society as a whole.

Our dedication to offering culturally sensitive counselling makes us stand out with the pride of difference. Throughout our service delivery, we understand that our clients’ lives are lived within a social and historical context, and that understanding the individual means also having an understanding of their personal journey.

UCTS also understands the importance of empowering communities hence, we train volunteers to support emotional distressed individuals in both counselling and non-counselling settings.

We offer training to front-line staff plus students in schools and colleges on varying mental health issues. UCTS also works in partnership with public, private, community plus charitable organisations.

We are here to listen help you….

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Email:  info@ucts.co.uk or ultimatecounselling@gmail.com