Black African Asian Marriage & Couples Counselling

In this perfect storm of unstable roles caused by devastating economic losses, poor communication, conflicting role expectations and the cultural crush, Black African and Asian couples are seeking help more than ever. Marriages and relationships are being turned upside down by the shift in numerous factors that are hampering harmony, stability, trust, unity and prosperity in relationships and families.

Reasons why Black, African & Asian couples come in therapy

Couples seek marriage or relationship counselling for numerous reasons. In many cases couples learn dysfunctional patterns that over time cause cracks in the marriage or relationship and unfortunately, they learn to cut shortcuts to avoid further conflict which widens the cracks further. However, some of the most commons reasons for seeking therapy include;

  • Frequent arguments
  • Loss of emotional or sexual spark
  • Infidelity
  • Feeling taken for granted
  • Disagreements in parenting
  • Money management
  • Past trauma clipping into the marriage or relationship
  • Addictions
  • Not feeling “heard” or respected
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Maintaining civility in divorce
  • And more

Benefits of Black, African, Asian marriage or couple counselling

Most of the time, couples counselling is the last thing on a couple’s minds when they are on the verge of a break-up or when one partner is just “done” with the relationship. Some couples will just decide to end it, without even looking at other possible options to save the marriage or relationship. However, with proper engagement in marriage or couple counselling one would be able to;

  • Enhance communication
  • Increase intimacy
  • Work through infidelity
  • Let go of the past
  • Understand that “the grass is not always greener on the other side” and work on the flaws in the marriage or relationship
  • Work through disagreements in Raising Children
  • Work through money management issues

What if my partner does not want to attend therapy?

Although, you wouldn’t guess so, it is common that one person in a relationship wants counselling but believes “My partner would never agree to that.” Well, though it is helpful to have both partners come to counselling in any relationship, at times it only takes one person to change the marriage or relationship.

However, time and again a partner has been pleasantly surprised to discover that far from being helpless, he or she actually had the power to change the whole relationship just by changing his or her own actions and reactions. It’s also common for a reluctant partner to refuse to come at first but later to decide that he or she doesn’t want to be “left out” of the counselling.

How can I start Black African, Asian Marriage & Couples Counselling sessions for myself or my partner and I?

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