This service is offered specially to Asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants from African ethnic background who are already in the UK.

 Applying for settlement in the UK is often a complex process and difficult to understand. This process could be challenging to someone who just fled their country of origin and are seeking asylum. Asylum seekers are required to make their asylum application as soon as they can which could mean at the point of entry or shortly after.  Due to the nature of the application process most clients get traumatized as their traumas are activated while others suffer marked anxiety and depression. It is at this point that most clients come to seek advice and psychological support.


Once granted refugee status, individuals are faced with the challenge of settling and integrating society. Since they were denied to public funds and services during the asylum process, Newly recognised refugees are challenged with issues related to finances, housing, health, training and education plus employment. We endeavor to support the newly recognised refugees in their journey life in the UK.

UCTS Endeavours To;

  • Offer cultural sensitive counselling and psychotherapy
  • Offer practical advice and support
  • Sign-post to services that may provide appropriate support
  • Sign-post to legal advisers that we have worked with over the years
  • Refer to partner organisations that work with African and Afro-Caribbean LGBTI, Women and children, Domestic violence, Victims of modern slavery and trafficking, Young people and more
  • Help with completing applications for public funds, housing, employment, education and training especially ESOL classes or sign-post to relevant organisations that can help.


If you need support or know someone who may benefit from this service please;

Please email your query to or

Alternatively, you can contact us on 07445766096