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Whether you’re struggling with communication, commitment, connection, conflict management, intimacy or other issues, our experienced relationship therapists are here to help you and your partner work together to make your relationship stronger. Increasingly couples are choosing to have online counselling especially through video conferencing.

Research shows that online marriage or relationship counselling is as effective as in-person counselling and this has been supported by feedback from couples that have accessed our online service.

What is Online Marriage or Relationship Counselling?

Online marriage or relationship counselling also known as online couples therapy is a digital alternative to conventional, in-person marriage or relationship talking therapy. It is delivered in different ways however, we offer only video sessions. By doing so, we are able to monitor and maintain the emotional intimacy between the therapist and clients who are in most cases relaxed in their home environment. Additionally, video sessions create a more natural interaction that contributes to better engagement plus openness.

Benefits of Online Marriage or Relationship Counselling

Couples chose to have marriage or relationship counselling for various reasons however, couples have been consistently reported that online marriage and relationship counselling eliminates obstacles associated with modern stressors and can fit comfortably into a couple’s regular routine.


Online marriage or relationship counselling is very flexible. Partners do not have to fight traffic to make it to the meeting or wait for the other partner to arrive.  All they need to do is get home, eat dinner and then meet with the therapist in their living room. If one partner has to travel they are included through a three way Skype call from wherever they are as long as there is privacy. Couples don’t need a baby sitter because meetings can be scheduled after the little ones are asleep, or the bigger ones are minimally supervised.


The cost of marriage or relationship counselling may prevent couples from seeking the help they need to save their relationship or marriage. Our online therapy sessions are cheaper than in-person sessions plus couples may chose even a cheaper option of the virtual programme “Nurturing Our Relationship”. The programme is tailored to address the main elements required to develop and maintain a sound intimate relationship. Participants have rated it high and follow-up has indicated sustainable growth and strength in relationships or marriage.

In addition to paying less for services, online marriage or relationship counselling helps couples to save money in other ways. For example, couples do not have to travel to our office, buy food on the go, get a child minder or take time off from work to meet an appointment.


Many people feel anxious when visiting a therapist’s office. However, online marriage or relationship counselling allows couples to get the help they need from the comfort of their own home. Being in familiar surroundings helps many partners to drop their defences, open up, and share their concerns. Partners may also feel less intimidated when speaking to a marriage counsellor online than face-to-face.

Accessible anywhere in the World

With video conferencing, counselling can be offered to partners located anywhere in the world. This offers the couple an opportunity to work on their marriage or relationship regardless of the physical distance between them. Furthermore, couples can get therapy while on work-related travel in their hotel rooms or visiting family or friends thus couples do not have to cancel their commitments or engagements.


Most of us prefer to keep our relationship or marital issues private and confidential. Many intimate partners feel uncomfortable when other people are aware they are experiencing challenges in their relationship. A lack of privacy may also affect other aspects of a couple’s day-to-day life. For example, some partners may lose sponsorships, endorsements or job opportunities if their relationship challenges become known to certain people or organisations. Since online marriage or relationship counselling is typically conducted in the couples homes or place of safety, there is no risk of accidentally meeting friends, acquaintances, workmates, or other family members while on the way or waiting for therapy.

So what are the Limitations?

While there are many benefits of online marriage or relationship counselling, this form of talking therapy is not ideal for everyone. Some couples may be affected by serious mental or emotional issues that cannot be adequately addressed online. Also some couples view online marriage or relationship counselling as a convenient way to get divorced or break-up on friendly terms. Furthermore, due to the stigma associated with couples therapy, premarital couples and newlyweds may avoid online marriage counselling even though it may help them to form stronger emotional bonds in the future.

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