UCTS is dedicated in providing mental health awareness and empowering both individuals, their communities and improving mental health well-being. We offer Continuing Development Programmes (CPD) and training workshops to schools, colleges, non-profit organisations, business and more

Our Work With Schools

We believe that children and young people can be empowered and helped to achieve good mental health and sustainable emotional resilience.


Our training is in-line with the recommendations made in the Green Paper (2017) with regards to “Transforming Children and Young people’s Mental Health Provision”. 


Statistics suggest that 75% of adults with mental health problems started to become unwell before they were 18years (BBC Report 17th March 2018, on Government Task Force Review of Child &Adolescent Mental Services CAMHS). Therefore, we empower children and young people with the knowledge and practical coping strategies they need to grow up as emotionally resilient adults. We also equip front-line staff with the knowledge and skills required to support children and young people to gain or maintain emotional resilience.

This training was delivered to designated teachers on a training event that was organised by the Virtual School in the London of Barking and Dagenham.  Similar training has been delivered in schools nationwide.  It has been highly rated by management, designated teachers plus school staff. For more details call: 07445766096  or Email: ultimatecounselling@gmail.com


What Do Training Workshops in Schools & Colleges Cover?

  • We cover a range of mental health topics however; we are flexible and happy to develop a training program tailored to meet your needs.
  • Workshops are delivered on your site or on our training facility.
  • Workshops run for 1-2hrs, half day, full day, days or week. Training sessions are organised in a way that fits in the school or college timetable.
  • Training may be offered to the whole school or front-line staff in departments or teams such as academic, student/learner support, pastoral, safeguarding, special needs, designated staff members for leaving care or looked after children and more.

How Much Do The Workshops Cost?

We do not receive funding therefore we ask for a fee. We are aware of the funding cuts and are open to discussion.

Popular Workshop

       Supporting Children Mental Health Training

  • This training program was developed based on feedback from frontline school staff in in-house training workshops delivered in both primary and secondary schools. Analysis indicated that majority of teachers were not equipped knowledge and skills to support children in schools settings. Likewise, parents also reported same in another survey that we conducted. As a result has been so popular and has received very positive reviews from participants. It is delivered in-house to schools and community organisations.


  • It also available on ONLINE, call for more details Tel 07445766096

Student Training Workshops

  • Mental health awareness training
  • Trauma focused awareness training for young people
  • Mindfulness
  • Understanding Low Self-esteem
  • Managing Exam Stress

Staff CPD Training Workshops

  • Supporting Children’s Mental Health
  • Mental Health skills Training: Identification, Risk assessment and Referral
  • Trauma-Aid:  Practical approach to trauma in non-counselling settings
  • Self-harm & Suicide Awareness
  • Working with the iceberg: psychological support for young people
  • Solution Focused Approach for young people in non-counselling settings.
  • Incorporating mindfulness: Supporting children and young people

We do not receive funding therefore we ask for a fee. We are aware of the funding cuts and are open to discussion.

To discuss your needs contact:  Sarah Kasule Tel: 07445766096

Email: ultimatecounselling@gmail.com